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Alison Angel Is A Big Breasted Goddess

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Alison Angel was my first and still my favorite….

I’ve always considered Alison Angel a solo girl and I never gave much thought to her boobies. I mean, all girls have boobs, right? Alison Angel sure does. But it wasn’t until I opened up the Titty Ranch and started looking for chicks with big boobs. I came across some pictures of Alison Angel and that’s when I noticed that she has a huge rack!

Not only is Alison Angel beautiful (and willing) but she has beautiful fucking boobs….

One of my favorite videos of all time is of Alison Angel running…. It’s on her website in her members area. They actually have her running on the street topless with her huge boobies flopping around all over the place. I know that Alison Angel comes from the FTV Girls hall of fame and I know they love public nudity… But watching Alison Angel run down the street topless is a site worth seeing!

I do love her.

The best part is Alison Angel is super nice and friendly in person.

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