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Allison Angel Has A Killer Rack

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She’s and old school solo girl, but Alison Angel has a great rack!!! She always did…

While people in the porn industry do their best to try to talk up the girls, the truth is Alison Angel never needed to to be talked up. She was very much a case of what you see is what you get. She was always beautiful, even when she first woke up, and always happy and friendly… She never said a bad word about anyone ever. She’s the type of woman who gets upset when a bug dies on her windsheld. Aside from her beauty, one of the best things about Alison Angel was her voice – it was like music when she spoke. Yum.

Alison Angel is 100% pure sexy all the time in the form of cute hugs and cuddles.

Seeing Alison Angel on her hands and knees like this with her boobs hanging down…. What a lovely rack she has… What a beautiful sight to see!

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