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Giant Firm Round Boobs

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Alison Angel should be one of the first babes you see on any big boob site… Her boobs are in fact – wait for it – legendary.

I’ve seen Alison Angel from every angle but I never really noticed her boobs are this big…. They are really large here! I can’t wait to see do some jumping jacks with those huge boobs bouncing all around… Must be a fun sight to see. Of course her website is full of videos showing off her boobs… She showers in her videos with Lia 19, runs around the pool…. goes swimming naked…. All with her huge boobies out.

Her big boobs combinedd with her sexy blonde hair and willingness to get naked at the drop of the hat AND post her naked picutres online makes Alison Angel  super hot and sexy.

I’ve met Alison Angel  in person before many times… Not only is she sexy but she is also as nice as  you could hope for too. She is super sweet in person. This is why her last name is angel – Alison Angel  is a perfect angel!

But I think the hottest thing about Alison Angel  isn’t her huge boobs… It’s her willingness to get naked with other chicks… That’s always hot!

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