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Small Breasts Rock

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Say what you want, but breasts are breasts. All women have them. Some men are all about the big boobs, but I like all breasts. Even the smaller ones.

Ashley Doll might not have the biggest boobs in the world, but they sure must be fun to play with… And while they might look small, to me they look like just the perfect size. Super hot.

And Ashley Doll isn’t exactly difficult on the eyes  either. Small boobs or not you know damn well that you would never say no to her! You would do anything to get her in bed; You would even cough up a lung for her.

I wonder if Ashley Doll has ever been a stripper!


If Ashley Doll hasn’t been a stripper, she must have been a catholic school girl – Love the stockings and the short little plaid skirt Ashley Doll has on!

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