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Still Loving Bryci’s boobs!

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LOL. It’s been a while since we posted about Bryci. It’s hard for us. We love Bryci AND she’s got big, huge, beautiful breasts… But then again too much of Bryci can be a bad thing. Right? So we have to limit the amount of photos we post of Bryci. But today it’s her turn so you get to see some of Bryci

Oh my god look at those huge beautiful tits… They are utterly perfect. A bit on the big side but that’s the American way, isn’t it? Bigger is in fact better. It works for our houses, our cars, our giant SUVs, and also for breasts. Yum.

I bet doing any kind of exercise is a complete chore for Bryci. Those big boobs must bounce around a lot. We used to be friends with Misty Anderson who was a hot chick with a decent rack who used to work out all the time, and she used to have to strap those puppies in pretty tight to get anything done. We would pay good money to see Bryci running.

Or doing jumping jacks. LOL. Yum.

But Bryci is so much more than just boobs. She’s got a little bit everything. And Bryci does it all on camera on her website. It’s on her main landing page… She’s fucking and sucking cock with those giant boobs bouncing all around!

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