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Who Has The Biggest Boobs Of Them All?

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I don’t know who has the biggest boobs of them all, but Bryci has to be in the running.

Believe it or not I am not about the biggest boobs. Oh, I am a boob man for sure but there is a certain line I don’t like to cross. Big boobs are fun, but at a certain point boobs are just too big. Ewa Sonnet – who we feature here all of the time – has giant boobs, and they are borderline too big for me. I am still into her, but she’s a bit much for me. I swear she must float. But Bryci on the other hand…. Is just the right size. Big, but not overly so. One of my friends – and I use that term loosely – has a wife with giant massive boobs. She just looks obscene.

But Bryci is just right.

Look at that? You would never be able to say no to Bryci. She wants a raise? Can’t say no. She wants to drive your car? You can’t say no. She wants the deed to your house? You can’t say no to her. You can never say no to Bryci.

And then you discover that Bryci likes to share her girlfirends with her boyfriend…. Oh that’s fucking hot!

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