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Chrissy Marie Has Beautiful Honkers

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Who doesn’t love big boobs?

Chrissy Marie has beautiful honkers. Make no mistake about that. She’s easy on the eyes, has huge boobs, and isn’t afraid to get naked online. That’s a winning combo for me – in fact, those are the three things I look for in a woman. But then again I guess chicks getting naked online isn’t a big deal now – I see every last fucking chick I know (mostly chicks I don’t know that I stalk on TikTok) getting their own OnlyFans account so I guess it’s routine now. Need money for college? LOL. Open up an OnlyFans account.

Years ago I attended a business meeting with a cam girl and I asked her why she was a cam girl. She told me she had a big college degree but if she was lucky just out of college she would only make $70 a year. As a cam girl… She made three times much. I can only imagine what chicks make on OnlyFans. I’ve heard rumors.

I bet you Chrissy Marie would make a lot of money on OnlyFans…. Not sure why her site didn’t stay online.

I would easily pay money to see Chrisy Marie naked fucking herself with a virbator… I bet her boobies jiggle when she fucks herself.

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