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Cold Boobies In The Snow

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Big boobs on pretty girls is always fun. It’s a good combination. However, we don’t pick our women by the size of their boobs and how pretty they are. Okay, I lied. We do pick our women by the size of their boobs and how pretty they are. But something else that factors in should be personality. Some chicks are good for fucking, but some girls you might be spending the rest of your lives with so you need someone who can make you laugh. You need someone with personality. Someone who is going to be fun.

Dawson Miller fits the bill perfectly!

Her personality is crazy. Dawson Miller is a fun loving chick. I’ll never forget the first time I saw her site and the video that was on her tour. It was comical and fun to watch. It was also very sexy. She is just full of personality. She is bursting out with it.

This is Dawson Miller in the snow… Mostly naked. With her huge titties out. She must be cold. Her nipples must be hard. My god, Dawson Miller has a great fucking rack. She is super sexy, has a great rack, is pretty, and is bursting with personlity. I mean, she is willing to get half naked in the snow. She is the perfect woman.

I would marry Dawson Miller.

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