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Beautiful Breasts

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Destiny Moody has beautiful breasts. No denying that.

Not all breasts have to be huge to be fun or fun to look at. Breasts are breasts so long as they are “big enough” they can be lots of fun. No one is going to deny that Destiny Moody has beautiful breasts…. She keeps in shape and I wonder how Destiny Moody does this… I hope and pray she’s a runner. Could you just imagine you are driving down the street and you see Destiny Moody running down the street, jogging, in her tight yoga pants and sneakers? And a tight little sports bra trying to strap in those beautiful breasts? Yum.

Destiny Moody is a slice of heaven. Not only does she have perfect breasts but she’s just perfect all around.

Of course Destiny Moody likes other girls too… All women her age are bi-sexual to some degree. Sometimes they might be bip-polar but you can trick them into being bi-sexual… And that is when the real fun begins. Could you just imagine Destiny Moody naked with another woman, hugging, kissing, and smashing their boobs together? That is a fun way to spend your afternoon… I could her and another woman go at it for hours.

Of course Destiny Moody has her own website and it’s full of girl on girl videos…. yummy!

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