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Destiny Moody Has Utterly Perfect Boobies

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Destiny Moody, one of the hottest solo girls of all time…. Has the most perfect rack.

Solo girls are usually younger, between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four, and generally speaking do not have huge boobs. In fact, most of them have small boobs. Which is fine – there are all kinds of boobs, big and small, and some people like big boobs and soe people like smaller boobs. I myself just like boobs. I don’t like super small boobs; I like a little bit of meat on my woman’s chest. I need something to hold onto. And play with.

I think Destiny Moody has just the right size of boobs. They aren’t super huge but they surely aren’t small. They are big enough so that if she wants them to be bigger she can just wear a push up bra, but yet they are big enough so that they will bounce around when she is riding on top of you.

Destiny Moody might just be perfect. And she’s super easy on the eyes too!

The best part about solo girls is that they all have their own website and get off on showing us their titties (and all of the rest) online for us to enjoy….

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