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Beautiful Giant Boobs

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The bigger the breasts the harder they fall!

By now you all know who Ewa Sonnet is. I believe she is Polish. I am Polish too so I wouldn’t hold that against her. I would, however, hold her giant breasts up against my face. In fact, I can’t wait to meet Ewa Sonnet. I think the first thing I would do when meeting her is motorboat her. Which reminds of a great story… The first time I met Ron Jeremy was at AVN in an elevator. I was with a chick who called herself Taylor Little. (She had little breasts when I first met her, but eventually got a boob job and now had giant tits.) Sure enough, Ron got into the elevator and just grabbed her giant tits. I would want to do the same to Ewa.

Ewa Sonnet is wearing this sexy tight red dress that really shows off her breasts. Nice cleavage. It must be difficult for chicks like Ewa Sonnet to buy clothes like this – hard to find a dress that will fit her huge rack!

She sure is easy on the eyes though!

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