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Ewa Sonnet Boobs In A Bikini

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Damn Ewa Sonnet looks good in a bikini…. It’s all about the boobs, and Ewa Sonnet has enough boobs for two or three women. Clearly she has enough boobs for you a night in bed with you.

Can you imagine spending the day on the beach with Ewa Sonnet? Or a day in bed with her? And those huge beautiful boobs. Sounds like a great way to spend a day.

Turns out Ewa Sonnet is rather well known in her home country of Poland… She’s a one hit wonder – she has her own song and all. Well, I shouldn’t call her a “one hit wonder” because that completely downplays her talents and her skill…. It’s actually quite good.

I wonder if she talks about it on her site….

I could listen to Ewa Sonnet sing all day long…. I couuld also watch her run around on the beach all day too!

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