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Giant Floatation Devices

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One of the biggest jokes about big breasted women is that their breasts are nothing more than giant flotation devices. LOL. If I am on a boat or even an airplane… I want to be next to a woman with a huge titties. Just in case we end up in the water and we need to float. I know you have always wondered if women with huge boobs actually float…

It looks like Ewa Sonnet has those giant flotation devices I was talking about…. Yummy. AND she is already in the pool too…. Maybe we need to test her boobs to see if they do in fact float…. This sounds like a good idea!

Every time we see Ewa Sonnet she’s got her breasts on display… And this makes us all happy! Ewa Sonnet is beautiful. Even if she didn’t have huge giant boobs Ewa Sonnet would still be fucking beautiful. And hittable.


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