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FTV Girl Vanessa

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Meet Vanessa from FTV Girls…. She’s got big boobs. Nice, big round boobs….

One of the neat things about FTV Girls is how they like to take photos outside… Which means their big breasted models have to get naked outside. I don’t mean in someone’s back yard – I mean naked outside, in public, where everyone can see them.  FTV Girls is located in Phoenix and it looks like Vanessa here just decided to take off her top and throw her shit at the photographer…. Don’t you wish you had a big breasted woman who doesn’t wear a bra AND is willing to take off her shirt in public exposing her big boobs any time you want to see them? That’s what FTV Girls is all about.

Damn this Vanessa chick has a nice rack!

All men need a chick like Vanessa… At the same time any chick that is willing to take off her shirt in public is also the kind of chick that is willing to have a threesome with her best friend or give you a blow job in public… And chicks like that are chicks worth holding on to!

Thankfully FTV Girls has a large collection of such chicks….

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