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Breasts Are Beautiful

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Breasts are magical. Everyone likes breasts, even the ladies. Fun to look at, fun to play with.

A while back there was a model naked Hayley Marie. She was a Page Three girl, which is a big thing in England – It’s like being in Playboy. “Page Three” is tradition of British tabloids where they post a picture of a glamour model topless. The primiary qualifications seem to be (a) being hot and (b) having a great rack. Hayley Marie seems to qualify perfectly. She used to have a website but that’s gone now. It’s such a shame too becase this woman had pefect boobs… Perfectly round and just the right size.

And she sure did like to show off her breasts every chance she got. She did everything topless. One of my favorite scenes of her topless was her eating pizza…. Then again, a hot chick eating pizza is always hot. But Hayley Marie made it so much more hotter.

Every so often Hayley marie would get together with her friends and they would hang out topless. I firmly believe that all women like boobs as much as we do, and it was such a hoot watching them hang out together and do every ordinary stuff like cooking in the kitchen or reading the morning newspaper… I think all women should do more things topless. We need to free the boobies!


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