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Katie Banks Is The Breast Queen

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Katie Banks is a queen. She doesn’t get the credit she deserves.

I hate it when girls fight. Okay, no I don’t. I like to watch girls fight and wrestle each other and pull each other’s hair. It’s like they are having rough sex. I think my point here is that Katie Banks is in the same website network as Bryci, and you all know how I feel about about her. I love Bryci and her giant tits. So Katie Banks is always over shadowed by Bryci.

But Katie Banks is a queen in her own right… Look at those huge boobs… They are giant. And perfect.

The rest of Katie Banks is perfect too. Pretty face, pretty hair, long sexy legs…. Loves to get nake on line. She is the perfect big breasted goddess…. Imagine having those long legs wrapped around your body while Katie Banks is riding you with those huge giant boobies bouncing all around. That sonds like a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon…. Or a four day weekend.

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