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Lia 19 Has Odd But Beautiful Boobs

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Lia 19 has some odd looking boobs…. Her nips are always unsually perky like she just rubbed them on a ice cube and her areolas are dark… I mean, nice boobs, but they just look odd to me… Not the usual boobs you would expect from a hot blonde chick.

She’s always been a wild one. Lia 19 is the one chick that would be hard for any man to tame. She’s the kind of chick that would ride you and leave you sore…. and she wouldn’t be nice about it. Then again, I would let Lia 19 fuck me, leave me sore, and have no regrets.

I think Lia 19 is just always horny…. This is why she likes to finger herself and get herself off… She doesn’t need a man! She’s got her own fingers! And those of us who have been in her site know that when she gets tired of using her fingers Lia 19 can use a vibrator…. She’s got enough videos on her site of her fucking herself!

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