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Misty Anderson Topless Outside

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We never thought of Misty Anderson as having a great rack but she always did. I’ll never forget the first time I met Misty Anderson – she was wearing a bikini and already had her solo girl site. She agreed to come up to my room and shoot some silly video about, well, absolutely nothing at all. It was all good fun.

It was great watching Misty Anderson bounce around in her little bikini…. I loved breasts back then but not as much as I do now. I liked her breasts but now I am obsessed with her breast and she does have a great rack…. I like boobs but sometimes boobs are just too big (and fake). Seems to me like Misty Anderson here has boobs that are just the right size…. Misty Anderson has pefect boobs.

And a nice truck too. Don’t knock it. Chicks who drives a truck are always super hot. You know Misty Anderson likes to get naked outside…

Misty Anderson is a once in a lifetime kind of girl… Sexy, pretty, sweet, lots of fun, and likes getting naked both online and outside… And also not afraid of banging other chicks too. That’s important. All chicks are lesbians to some degree, but some you just need to encourage them a little bit… But Misty Anderson is fully on board with getting it on with other chicks…


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