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Misty Anderson’s Boobs

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Once you seen one pair of boobs… You want to see them over and over again. Every day until you die. You never get tried of seeing boobs. Then again, that’s why we are all here.

Misty Anderson was a one of a kind. She was so cute, and so young when she first came into the adult industry. And when I say young I mean like twenty-one. The first time I met her she was wearing a bikini, and god how I love bikinis. The bikini she was wearing was perfect and showed off her budding breasts just right. Even at age twenty-one Misty Anderson has a great full rack. The first night we met her I talked her up to my hotel room so video tape her doing jumping jacks. In a bikini. I am so not joking.

Of course, as she got older, Misty Anderson only got better. And when I say she got better I mean her boobs got bigger. In this photo she has full sized boobs, just perfect….

I wonder if she would still be willing to do jumping jacks for me….

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