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Oh My Misty Anderson

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Who hasn’t wanted to bang Misty Anderson since the first moment they laid their eyes on her? Look at her – beautiful face, teeth, hair, smile…. BOOBS.

The first thing I saw when I met Misty Anderson was her hair. She has lots and lots of hair… but then of course you noticed her boobs. Misty Anderson has always had huge boobs, even when she was younger. She’s a smart woman; She knew a long time ago that men like boobs and she had boobs and she started using her boobs to get men to do what she wanted. Sometimes she would let them look at her boobs, and other times she would let men play with her boobs…. Then again having her own website where she could show off her boobs was a huge turn on for both her and her fan club.

I’ve always been a member of her fan club. I am a fan of her boobs.

Her boobs are perfect and just the right size… And they hang very nicely on their own without support. Of course if you put Misty Anderson’s giant melons into a push up bra it would be…. better than perfect! And there are a lot of pictures of Misty Anderson both topless and in push up bras – and bikinis too!

Sigh. I love Misty Anderson!

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