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Sweet Krissy Shower Fun

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It’s all about the boobs.

It looks like Sweet Krissy is having some fun… In the shower. I’m not used to seeing her without her make up. It doesn’t matter because she looks all natural… And with tits like Sweet Krissy has, it’s all good. She’s super sexy any day of the week and even more sexier when she’s buck ass naked coming out of the shower, wearing nothing more than a few towels.

All Sweet Krissy needs to do is stand up and bang, suddenly we are greeted with seeing all all of the goodies… That must be a sight to see for sure!

I wonder if Sweet Krissy just got out of the bath or if she just got out of the shower. I think usually when chicks wrap their hair up like that it means they did they just washed their hair… Do women chicks like Sweet Krissy wash their hair in the tub or in the shower? Or both. I know they like to masturbate in both… Showering and baths can be good fun with chicks who have huge boobs!

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