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Alice Has Pretty Boobs

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This is Alice from This Year’s Model. She has pretty boobs. And a nice smile. But mostly we are posting about her because we like her boobs.

All men like boobs. Women like boobs too. They are fun to look at, fun to play with too. Chicks wear push up bras because because they like to show off their boobs. We like to think women wear push up bras to show off their breasts to men but the truth is they are using their push up bras to show off to other women. They want other women to look at their breasts just as much as they want men to look at their boobies. It’s a turn on for them, but they want to make other women jealous of how big their breasts are.

The bigger their breasts are… The better they will do in life – the further they will go. Because chicks with big boobs call the shots.

Alice from This Year’s Model doesn’t have huge boobs, but they are plenty big enough to get ahead in life…

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