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Gisele Has The Best Boobs

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So little time, so many woman with huge boobs.

Huge boobs is a new thing. Chicks twenty or thirty years ago didn’t have such big boobs… That was fun. Boobs are boobs. But now evey where you go women have these huge honking breasts…. It’s magical. It’s fun. It’s fun just to go girl watching at the local mall… You can judge women by their breast size. Don’t deny it, you all do it. It’s fun. It’s good, old fashioned fun. And the moment you meet a chick you know how much you are into them based on their boob size…

Check out XO Gisele… Giant boobs! And she always seems so sexy too!

Thankfully chicks like XO Gisele get off showing off their big boobs… Yum!

You would hit it. You would give her all of  your money. And your car. And your house. Just so  you could hit XO Gisele once. Or maybe twice depending on how big the house is.

How in the world can you not love a chick like XO Gisele with those huge glorious boobs? She could have the worst personality in the world and you would still want to hit it three times day. You fucking pervert.

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