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Casiddy Cole’s Perky Boobs

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When it comes to boobs we like to feature chicks with bigger boobs. That’s understandable. If you like boobs you like boobs, and when you think of boobs you think of big boobs. You know, it’s the American way – bigger is better. Bigger, faster, stronger and all that. This still applies even if you aren’t American. I know you like your boobies big. Or at least bigger.

But at the end of the day, boobs are boobs. And breasts are breasts. They are all pretty much the same. And they are always beautiful, no matter how big or small they are. Case in point here today is Cassidy Cole. She’s the type of chick that has the smaller perky boobs. All men like perky boobs, right?

You can just imagine that Cassidy Cole is the type of chick that wears a padded bra to make her boobs look bigger than they are. I guess is there is nothing wrong with that. (I know who chicks like to use spanks to make themselves look skinnier than they are too! It’s so damn misleading!) But Cassidy Cole shouldn’t be ashamed of her smaller perky boobs. Trust me, after someone finds the time to knock her up her breasts will perk up a little bit more and be just the right size!

Of course the rest of Cassidy Cole isn’t half bad either you know.

She’s a tiny chick, nice and thin, and not too tall. That must make her a spinner – you know, the type of girl that likes to ride on top of cock and you can spin her around… Super hot! She might be small, but sometimes the smaller thin girls are the ones that are trouble in the long run. I bet you Cassidy Cole might be a bit of trouble. You know the drill – she comes across as being sweet and innocent but she likes doing the dirty stuff too!

I bet Cassidy Cole likes it from behind too. Those chicks with the tight little asses like it from behind! And I bet Cassidy Cole is nice and tight!

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