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Best Boobs Ever

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There is one woman who has the most under rated boobs on the Internet today….  Her name is Chrissy Marie. I don’t know much about Chrissy Marie but she seems easy on the eyes, great body, pretty face. I can see Chrissy Marie getting down on her knees and sucking down some cock just for fun. But it’s her boobs that just do it for me. They are nice. Perfect. And so under rated.

Breasts are really the first things men see when we see a chick. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time ever or the first time that day, it’s the boobs we see first. They stick out. Some stick out more than others. I am pretty sure that Chrissy Marie uses her breasts to the best of her ability. She likes it when her breasts stick out; Chrissy Marie likes it when men give her attention because they can see her boobs.

Chrissy Marie has curves all over. The boobs help this to good effect. The boobs and the ass that Chrissy Marie is a very dangerous combination. Very dangerous indeed.

And yes, Chrissy Marie loves showing them off!

I think Chrissy Marie is under rated. She’s beautiful, has great curves, and a beautiful pair of breasts. Just right for us!

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