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Faye Reagan’s Rack

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Faye Reagan is the one porn star I’ve always had a crush on. If there is three things I love it must be boobs, lesbians, and redheads. Faye Reagan checks all of those boxes for me. She also had a lot of freckles when she was younger, when she first got into the porn industry. She was oh so cute. It didn’t seem like Faye Reagan had any restrictions; She would do it all. For a while she was doing these silly pornos where instead of straight up porn… When it comes to porn I want to see chicks getting banged, not a silly story about how Faye Reagan was just off the bus and has never been fucked good and hard before. We all know Faye Reagan has been fucked once or twice or three dozen times; We’ve all seen it on video before.

But yet I can still spend hours looking at photos of Faye Reagan with her huge juggs out…

I love it how Faye Reagan is caught in the act of taking off her bra, exposing her boobs, and tossing her bra aside… So hot!

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