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Sophia Winters Has A Killer Rack

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Sigh. It’s so disappointing when websites shut down. Solo girl sites are closing down and it’s sad.

Sophia Winters has a great rack. She wasn’t a very popular solo girl, but she was hot enough and the photography was good enough and her boobs…. Were top notch. Yum.

Sophia Winters also had a great way of showing off her boobs too… Seems like she spent most of her time out side with her shirt off, and we like seeing boobs as much as the next guy… Or at least we like boobs as much as Sophia Winters likes showing them. That’s a good thing.

Thank god for the Internet and women like Sophia Winters that like showing off their tits.

One of the best thing about Sophia Winters – other than her beautiful breasts – is that they always had a smile on her face. I mean, most models are like that with smiles but Sophia Winters has a smile that lights up a room and she constantly hits that smile…. Super hot!

I have no idea where Sophia Winters went to but I hope she resurfaces some day…

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